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Handmade Silver and Coral Ring

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The most common stones used in Nepalese jewelry making are Turquoise and Coral. The very color of these stones is thick with symbolism. Turquoise, for example, symbolizes the sky and the sea and because the sky is endless the turquoise stone represents infinity, or the limitless ascension of the mind.

Nepal is well known center for ancient artistic excellence. Be its architecture, craft work, metal work or jewelry, Nepal’s reputation is still on the top. Nepali silver jewelry is one best example of Nepalese artisan skills. Dated back to 6th century, the then citizens of Kathmandu valley discovered this unique technique which still is adorned by the world. The Shakya and Sunar (silversmith) family has been carrying out the legacy of designing the authentic silver jewelry which have a great demand in west world.
Nepalese silver jewelry is true 925 sterling silver (92.5% pure silver) made jewelry. The 925 silver are purest silver with the luster and beauty that doesn’t fade away for over long time period. This silver are incorporated with turquoise, quartz, Lapis and many other gems stone to give a appealing look and aesthetic value as well. The 925 silver are just not known for chemical purity but also the spiritual connection too. The silver ornaments are encrypted with spiritual belief and themes which functions as an optimistic thread that binds the positive beads of thoughts together when wore

In order to full appreciate the craftsmanship of Nepalese jewelry making you need to understand the history and symbolism of this craft. First of all it is important to understand that many of the jewelry craftsmen found in the mountains of Nepal are in fact not Nepalese but refugees who fled from Tibet when the Chinese invaded in the 1950's, and their descendants. It is also important to understand that many of the craftsmen are not men at all, but women.


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